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Best Wedding Loans

Personal loans for weddings make it easier to plan and pay for your dream nuptials. These loans let you borrow up to $100,000 for the wedding you've always wanted, and you can repay over time with a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payment.

Best Wedding Loans
Holly Johnson
Award-Winning Personal Finance Contributor

According to The Knot, the average couple spent $28,000 on their wedding in 2021 without including the cost of an engagement ring. Fortunately, the best wedding loans make it easy to pay for your wedding venue, the perfect meal, flowers, your dress, and more. Our team of financial experts reviewed and ranked more than 30 online lenders to help you get funded. Read on to learn about our top picks and how you can apply.

Our Top Picks for Best Wedding Loans

  • No origination fees
  • Nine month deferment period
  • Direct payments to creditors with debt consolidation loans
Min. Credit Score
Min. Credit Score 660+
Loan Amounts
Loan Amount $2.5K-$35K
Est. APR
Loan Repayment 36-84 months
 sofi review
  • No origination, prepayment, or late payment fees
  • Joint applications accepted
  • Offers .25% discount for autopay
  • Borrowers up to $100,000
Min. Credit Score
Min. Credit Score 680+
Loan Amounts
Loan Amount $100K
Est. APR
Loan Repayment 84 months
  • No origination fees or late fees
  • Customizable monthly payment
  • No prepayment penalties
Min. Credit Score
Min. Credit Score 660+
Loan Amounts
Loan Amount $3.5K-$40K
Est. APR
Loan Repayment Up to 72 months

How to Choose the Best Wedding Loan?

When choosing the best marriage loan, there are several important factors to consider throughout the process. Our experts used the following factors to rank lenders within this guide:

  • Loan features: Consider the terms and conditions for the wedding loans you're considering, including the borrowing limit, available repayment terms, and the monthly payment options. Look for companies that let you choose from multiple repayment plans.
  • Interest rates and fees: Compare wedding loans based on their interest rates, and make sure you're getting a competitive rate for someone with your credit rating. Also compare loans based on fees that may apply, such as origination fees, prepayment fees, and late fees.
  • Application process: Look for personal loans for wedding expenses that let you check your rate online without a hard inquiry. Know whether the application process is time consuming, and what information you'll need to gather before you apply.
  • Qualification process: Have a basic understanding of each lender's qualification requirements, which can include minimum income requirements, minimum credit score requirements, and more.
  • Customer support: Look for wedding lenders that offer excellent customer service options over the phone, through email, or via online chat.
  • Online user reviews: Make sure any lender you use has good or excellent reviews from past users. You can typically find this information out on websites like Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Perks and Bonuses: Find out if your lender offers any forgiveness or incentives, such as no late fees or a refer-a-friend program.

Best Personal Loans for Wedding in 2022 - Full Overview

Read on to learn which lenders we recommend along with an overview of their personal loan options and terms.

1.Discover — Best Overall

Discover offers some of the best personal loans on the market today, which are perfect for weddings and related expenses. The company lets you apply for a loan entirely online, although you can get help from 100% U.S.-based loan specialists if you require it. Repayment terms are flexible and based on your needs and budget, and Discover lets you check your rate without a hard inquiry on your credit report. Borrowers can even get a same-day decision on their application, along with loan funds as soon as the next business day.
No origination fees or hidden fees
Same-day decision likely
Receive funding as quick as one business day
Flexible repayment terms
No penalty if you change your mind in 30 days
Low loan limit of $35,000
Shorter repayment terms than some competitors
Minimum income of $25,000 required
Mixed reviews from past users

Discover says borrowers need to have a minimum income of at least $25,000 to apply, and that other credit and income qualifications must also be met. Borrowers can secure up to $35,000 in funding for their wedding or any other purpose, and they can repay their loan over 36 to 84 months depending on their needs. Wedding loans come with competitive fixed interest rates, and applicants can get funding as soon as the next business day. Loans come with interest rates between 5.99% to 24.99% APR.

The Bottom Line

Discover is an excellent option for borrowers who need less than $35,000 to make their wedding dreams come true. This lender offers loans with no origination fees and no hidden fees, so you'll never be surprised by the fine print. You can also choose from flexible repayment terms and monthly payments to fit your budget and needs.

2.SoFi — Best for Fast Funding

SoFi makes it easy to apply for wedding funding online, and their loans come with no origination fee and no hidden fees. Better yet, their loans come with the potential for same day funding, which can be important if you're in the thick of wedding planning and you need your money quickly. SoFi even offers unemployment protection on their personal loans, which lets you temporarily modify your loan terms during times of hardship.
No origination fees or hidden fees
Funding as soon as the day you apply
Receive unemployment protection
Loan amounts up to $100,000
Flexible repayment plans available
Check your rate with no hard inquiry
Minimum loan amount of $5,000 required
No specific details on qualification requirements
Mixed reviews from past users

SoFi lets borrowers take out a personal loan in amounts from $5,000 to $100,000, and same-day funding is available. Borrowers can repay their loans over anywhere from three to seven years, and all while paying a fixed monthly payment with a fixed interest rate in place. Wedding loans from SoFi also come with no origination fees and no hidden fees, and interest rates are competitive when you compare to other lenders. SoFi personal loan rates range from 5.74% to 21.78% APR.

The Bottom Line

If you need your wedding funds as quickly as possible. SoFi can have cash delivered to your bank account as soon as the day you apply. You can also choose your monthly payment and repayment plan for ultimate flexibility.

Try SoFi

3.Marcus by Goldman Sachs — Best for No Late Fees

Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers an attractive personal loans for weddings that offers some flexibility if you need to pay your bill late. If you pay your loan on time and in full every month for 12 consecutive months, they also let you skip a month with no interest required. This lender also lets you apply for funding online, and you can choose from loan terms and payments to suit your terms and budget.
No late fees or hidden fees
Potential to skip a payment after 12 months
Get prequalified online with no hard inquiry
Helpful mobile app
Relatively low loan limits
Not available for those with imperfect credit
Shorter repayment terms than competitors
Mixed reviews from past users

marcus goldman sachs
Marcus by Goldman Sachs personal loans come with interest rates that range from 6.99% to 19.99% APR, so they're geared to individuals with good or great credit. Repayment terms can last from three to six years, and there are no origination fees, late fees, or hidden fees. This lender will even let you skip a payment if you pay your loan responsibly for 12 consecutive months.

The Bottom Line

This lender offers wedding loans with competitive rates and terms, making it a good option for people who have good credit and sufficient income required to get the best rates. Loans offer quite a bit of flexibility as well, although this lender isn't a good option for anyone who needs to borrow more than $40,000.

4.LightStream — Best for Large Loan Amounts

LightStream offers wedding loans with some of the most competitive rates and terms on the market today. The company lets borrowers take out up to $100,000 in funding if they need to, and the money can be sent to a registered bank account as soon as the next business day. Customers can get prequalified online without any impact to their credit score.
High loan limits up to $100,000
Flexible repayment terms
Speedy loan funding
Competitive interest rates for great credit
Not available for users with fair credit or poor credit
Mixed reviews from past users
High minimum loan amount of $5,000

Wedding loans from LightStream come with interest rates that range from 5.73% to 20.49% APR, which means they are aimed at borrowers with good credit and strong incomes. Repayment terms can last from three to seven years, and borrowers can pick their own monthly payment and loan terms when they apply. LightStream doesn't charge any origination fees or hidden fees for their loans.

The Bottom Line

Borrowers who need up to $100,000 in funding for their dream wedding can turn to LightStream for help. This lender has large loan limits and competitive interest rates and terms, and applicants can check their rate online without a hard inquiry.

5.Credible — Best Wedding Loan Comparison Site

Credible is a loan comparison site instead of a direct lender. This means you can use the company's website to compare wedding loan terms and offers from several competing lenders, which helps you get the best possible deal. Because Credible works with multiple companies to help you get the best loan, you also get a broad selection of available loan terms to select from.
Compare multiple loans in one place
Flexible loan terms available
Get prequalified online with no hard inquiry
Excellent reviews from past users
Low loan amounts available
Not a direct lender
Loan terms, fees, and requirements vary

Because Credible is a loan comparison site, they offer loan products with a broad range of terms. Interest rates can range from 3.49% to 35.99% APR, and borrowers can choose to repay their loans over one to seven years. Loan amounts are also available from $600 to $100,000 depending on the lender. Credible does not charge any fees to use their platform.

The Bottom Line

If you like the idea of comparing several of the best wedding loans all in one place, Credible is worth checking out. You can check your rate without any impact to your credit score, and several lenders will compete for your business from there. Just remember that you should also research the lender you are considering before you move forward.

6.Upgrade — Best for Customization

Upgrade is an online financial institution that offers a variety of credit cards and loan products, including their flexible wedding loans. Their personal loans for weddings stand out due to the fact borrowers can customize their loan to their unique needs with the option to select a single monthly payment as well as a fixed rate and term. Happy couples can also pay off their loan at any time without a penalty, so the length of the loan process is up to them. Considering the broad APR range for these loans, Upgrade can also be considered by borrowers with fair credit or poor credit.
Loan amounts from $1,000 to $50,000
Fixed repayment terms and monthly payments
Get prequalified without a hard inquiry
Funding as soon as the next business day
Good for bad credit or fair credit
2.9% to 8% origination fee charged
Potential for a high APR

Personal loans from Upgrade come with fixed interest rates that range from 5.94% to 35.97% APR, and customers can check their rate without any impact to their credit score. Loans can be repaid over anywhere from two to seven years, and no prepayment penalties apply. Upgrade personal loans do charge an origination fee from 2.9% to 8% of your loan amount, so make sure to factor this fee in if you plan to apply.

The Bottom Line

Upgrade offers a ton of flexibility in their wedding loans, including the option to choose a monthly payment and pay off the loan early with no penalties. Borrowers can also secure up to $50,000 in funding if they have sufficient income and credit to qualify.

7.Figure — Best for Crypto-Backed Wedding Loans

Figure is unique because they offer traditional personal loans for weddings as well as crypto-backed loans for up to $1 million dollars. This means you can lean on the lender for funding with no collateral required if you prefer, but that you can also use your crypto assets as security for a large loan amount. Figure is also known for their useful mobile app and their flexible and competitive loan terms.
Traditional wedding loans available
Borrow up to $1 million w/ crypto collateral
Excellent reviews from past users
100% online application process
Next day funding available
No credit check for crypto-backed loans
Refer-a-friend program offered
Origination fee of 0% to 5% can apply
Only two repayment options to choose from

The terms for Figure loans can vary depending on the type of loan you select. For their traditional personal loans, interest rates range from 5.75% to 31.44% and borrowers can repay over three years or five years. In the meantime, their crypto-backed loans have higher loan limits and fixed interest rates from 5.99% to 7.99%. Some borrowers will be charged a loan origination fee of up to 5% of the loan amount.

The Bottom Line

Figure can be a good option for traditional wedding loans with no collateral or crypto-backed personal loans. You can apply online with either option, and loan terms and rates are competitive. Next day funding is available as well.

8.Avant— Best for Bad Credit

Avant is an online lender that offers financial products, including wedding loans, for borrowers with imperfect credit to good credit. Their wedding financing products can be accessed by people from all walks of life, and borrowers can even gauge their approval odds online without any impact on their credit score. While Avant loans are available to a broad range of borrowers, loan limits and repayment options are somewhat limited.
Fast funding as soon as the next day
Get prequalified with no hard inquiry
Available for bad credit
Excellent reviews from past users
Relatively low loan amounts available
Administration fee up to 4.75%
Potential for a high APR

Avant personal loans are offered in amounts from $2,000 to $35,000, and borrowers can choose to repay with a fixed interest rate over two to five years. Keep in mind that these loans come with an administration fee of up to 4.75%, which is charged when the loan is disbursed. Interest rates can range from 9.95% to 35.99% based on creditworthiness.

The Bottom Line

If your credit isn't great but a loan for wedding is the only thing you can think about, Avant could be the answer you're looking for. Their personal loans are available for those with imperfect credit, and you can even check your rate online before you apply.

Try Avant

Best Wedding Loans - Main Features Table

Company Name

Estimated APR

Minimum Credit Score

Loan Amount

Loan Terms


5.99% to 24.99% APR

Not disclosed

$2,500 to $35,000

3 to 7 years


5.74% to 21.78% APR

Not disclosed

$5,000 to $100,000

2 to 7 years

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

6.99% to 19.99% APR

Not disclosed

$3,500 to $40,000

3 to 6 years


5.73% to 20.49% APR


$5,000 to $100,000

3 to 7 years


3.49% to 35.99% APR

Varies by lender

$600 to $100,000

1 to 7 years


5.94% to 35.97% APR

Not disclosed

$1,000 to $50,000

2 to 7 years


5.75% to 31.44% for personal loans 5.99% to 7.99% APR for crypto-backed loans

Not disclosed

$5,000 to $50,000 with personal loans Up to $1 million with crypto backed loan

3 or 5 years


9.95% to 35.99%


$2,000 to $35,000

2 to 5 years

What Is a Wedding Loan?

Personal loans do not require collateral, and you can use your loan funds however you want. With that in mind, a wedding loan is nothing more than an unsecured personal loan that lets borrowers use loan proceeds for any purpose. These loans can be used for the wedding venue, an engagement ring, flowers, decorations, and more.

Reasons for Getting a Wedding Loan

We already mentioned how the average wedding rang in at $28,000 in 2021. These high costs make the reason for getting a marriage loan obvious. Most couples don't have the cash to pay for their wedding outright, so they have to lean on funding to make their dreams come true.

Other reasons to get a wedding loan:

  • Access fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments
  • Know exactly when your loan will be paid off
  • Build credit with on-time monthly payments
  • Wedding loans provide cheaper funding than credit cards
  • Save your cash for other goals, such as the down payment on a home
  • Have the dream wedding you always wanted

How to Get a Wedding Loan

Thanks to technology and the internet, getting a wedding loan is easier now than ever before. The following steps can help you get started.

  • Step 1: Decide how much you need to borrow. Set a realistic budget for your wedding that includes everything you need to pay for, from the venue to the dress. From there, add 10% to your wedding budget to prepare for any overages.
  • Step 2: Get prequalified online. Once you know how much you need to borrow, you can check your rate online without a hard inquiry. This step will help you see the APR you may be able to qualify for, as well as potential monthly payment options.
  • Step 3: Compare loan terms and rates. Make sure to compare rates and terms with multiple lenders to find the best deal. If you want to compare loan offers from several lenders in one place, check out Credible or LendingTree.
  • Step 4: Read over the fine print. As you narrow down your loan options, check for hidden fees like application fees and origination fees.
  • Step 5: Settle on a loan payment and term you can afford. Decide which loan offer looks the best, and make sure the monthly payment works with your budget and future income. If you want a lower payment, consider extending your repayment timeline.
  • Step 6: Apply for your loan. Once you know for sure which lender you want to work with, take the steps to apply. You can do this by providing personal information as well as details on your credit and income.
  • Step 7: Get funding within a few days. All the lenders that made our ranking offer funding as soon as the next business day.

When to Consider a Joint Wedding Loan With Your Spouse

If you're going to marry someone else and you need to borrow money to make it happen, it definitely makes sense to borrow alongside your partner. Adding your spouse as a co-signer on your wedding loan application makes sense since you should be equally liable for repayment. If your partner has a strong income and good credit, this can help you qualify for a loan with better rates and terms as well.

Wedding Loan Alternatives

As you shop around for personal loans to cover your wedding expenses, you should also consider some of the alternatives out there. These include:

  • 0% APR Credit Cards: Some credit cards offer 0% APR on purchases for up to 21 months, so they can be a good fit for charging some wedding expenses. Just note that these introductory rates don't last forever, and that your rate will reset at a higher variable rate thereafter.
  • Rewards Credit Cards: Also consider credit cards that offer cash back or points for each dollar you spend. Some rewards credit cards also offer 0% APR on purchases for a limited time, so you can get the best of both worlds.
  • Home Equity Loans: If you own your home and don't mind using your home equity as collateral, a home equity loan could be a good fit. Like personal loans, home equity loans come with fixed interest rates, fixed monthly payments, and a fixed repayment timeline.
  • HELOCs: Also consider home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), which extend a line of credit you can borrow against. Like home equity loans, HELOCs require you to use your home equity as collateral.


The best wedding loans let borrowers secure up to $100,000 for the nuptials and party they have always dreamed of, and all the lenders in our ranking let you apply for funding online. Many also let you borrow without any fees, and you can get funding within a day or two of applying.

That said, it's still important to compare rates and terms across all the lenders we highlighted in this guide. With some research and planning, you can wind up with a wedding loan you won't regret.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are Wedding Loans a Good Idea?
Wedding loans can be a good idea if you have sufficient funds to pay your loan off over time. After all, these loans can help you finance the wedding you have always wanted without having to deplete your cash resources at the same time. That said, you should always make sure you have a plan to repay your wedding loan.
How to Get a Wedding Loan with Bad Credit?
If you have a FICO score under 579, which is considered poor, you may not be able to qualify for a wedding loan. Your best bet is checking your rate and gauging your ability to qualify online. If you have collateral you can put down or a cosigner to apply with you, this can help you get approved.
Where to Get a Wedding Loan?
Since most personal loan companies operate online, the best place to get a wedding loan is from the comfort of your own home. Compare online wedding lenders to find the right fit, and you can apply and get funding without ever visiting a loan office.
How a Wedding Loan Will Impact Your Credit Score?
Applying for a wedding loan will result in a hard inquiry on your credit report, which can temporarily ding your score. From there, on-time monthly payments on your loan can boost your credit score, whereas late payments or default can cause considerable damage to your credit score.
Can You Get a Loan for a Wedding?
If you need cash for your wedding but you're not sure you can get approved, take the steps to get prequalified with a lender that won't do a hard inquiry on your credit report right away. This step can help you gauge your approval odds without any commitment.

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