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Lendingtree Personal Loans Review 2023

LendingTree helps borrowers shop for, compare and obtain loans with competitive rates. Borrowers can use this online marketplace to shop for personal loans, as well as debt consolidation, business loans, and student loans. It also offers educational resources and a user-friendly app.

Lendingtree lendingtree-review
Est. APR
Min. Credit Score 585+
Loan Amounts
Loan Amount $1K-$50K
Min. Credit Score
Loan Repayment 3-180 months
Jason Steel
Written by:Jason Steel
Personal Finance Journalist

Reviewed by: Carrie Pallardy, Freelance Writer and Editor

Fact Checked by: Somer G. Anderson, Accounting and Finance Professor Ph.D., CPA, CGMA, CFE


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LendingTree is an online marketplace that shows borrowers options for lenders. You can compare the loan terms of lenders that offer borrowers personal loans from $1,000 to $50,000. Easily narrow down your options with tools with LendingTree’s personal loan payment calculator and side-by-side comparisons of personal loan lenders.

Summarized Rating

Loan Features4.3
Interest Rates and Fees2.5
Qualification Leniency4.3
Application Process4
Customer Support5
User Reviews3.3

This parameter considers loan term lengths, loan minimums and maximums, and the extent of loan use limitations. Each of these features was evaluated using the five-point scoring system. Then, the various scores were aggregated and averaged to establish an overall loan features score.

LendingTree gets an exceptional 4.3 for Loan Features. This reflects the loan aggregator’s highly flexible term lengths and loan limits and the absence of any loan use limitations.

Lendingtree Personal Loans Pros and Cons

Lendingtree Pros
Highly rated personal loan providers
Large selection of personal loan lenders
Competitive APR starting at 3.99%
Educational resources for borrowers
User-friendly app
Options for applicants with fair credit
Lendingtree Cons
Must be a US citizen or permanent resident
Those with poor credit are usually not eligible
Shares users’ information with lenders
Some lenders have origination fees
Unwanted spam from potential lenders

Types of Personal Loans Offered by LendingTree

Lendingtree offers personal loans for a variety of reasons. There are very few prohibited uses for their personal loans.

Common loan usesProhibited uses
Debt consolidationCollege tuition
Pay off credit cardsMortgage
Wedding expenses 
Home buying 
Major purchase 
Home improvement 
Medical expenses 
Car repair 
Everyday bills 
Moving and relocation 

LendingTree Loan Features

The loan features offered by LendingTree partners depend on a variety of factors, such as your credit score, income, job status, and more.

Loan termsVariable, can range from 3 to 180 months.
Repayment periodVaries
Loan amount$1,000 to $50,000.
Loan use limitations (i.e. only home improvements or only debt consolidation)None

LendingTree Interest Rates and Fees

There is no fee for using LendingTree’s services. Rates and fees vary among the actual lenders. Unfortunately, you can’t check many of the fees until you receive an actual loan offer.

Interest Rates3.99% to 35.99%
Prepayment feesVaries
Late payment feesVaries
Other feesVaries

LendingTree Qualification Requirements

Each lender may have different qualifications for minimum credit score, membership, income, and co-signers or joint applicants. Most lenders evaluate this type of criteria to determine whether you qualify for the loan and at what rates.

Your credit score is usually the most important factor. Lenders often give applicants with lower credit scores a high interest rate to protect themselves from the risk. However, the exact credit score that a lender will accept, and for what interest rate, will vary.

Lenders also want to make sure that you have enough income to make loan payments.If you have approximately a 35% DTI ratio or less, most lenders consider you a good candidate for a personal loan.

Some of the lowest personal loan rates currently on LendingTree are included below:

LenderAPRMinimum Credit ScoreBest For
LightStream3.99% to 19.99%UnspecifiedWide variety of repayment term durations
Upstart4.37% to 35.99%600Borrowers with thin credit histories
SoFi7.99%-22.37%680Unemployment protection during repayment
PenFed Credit Union6.74% to 17.99%UnspecifiedSmall loan amounts
Best Egg5.99% to 35.99%700Seamless online prequalification
Marcus by Goldman Sachs6.99% to 24.99%720Unique repayment perks
LendingClub7.04% to 35.89%UnspecifiedApplying with a co-borrower
Prosper7.95% to 35.99%640Fast loan funding
FreedomPlus7.99% to 29.99%UnspecifiedApplicants with excellent credit
LendingPoint7.99% to 35.99%585Borrowing small loan amounts
OneMain Financial18.00% to 35.99%UnspecifiedOpinion of a secured personal loan

LendingTree Application Process

To begin the application process for a personal loan, select the purpose of the loan you need from a drop down menu.

Once you select the type of loan, LendingTree will ask how much you would like to borrow. You can select between $1,000 and $50,000.

It then asks you how quickly you need the money.

And your street address.

Enter whether you own or rent your property.

Estimate your credit score.

Enter your birthday. You must be 18 years old to apply for a loan through LendingTree.

Indicate whether you are employed full-time, part-time, self-employed, unemployed, or other.

LendingTree then asks for your yearly pre-tax income.

If you are adding a co-borrower, indicate so here. Adding a co-borrower could allow you to get more loan offers, get lower interest rates, and/or save more over the life of the loan (depending on the credit and other factors of your co-borrower).

LendingTree will ask for your first and last name for the loan application.

You must then enter a valid phone number. By providing your phone number, you consent to receive calls, texts, and recorded messages from LendingTree and its network partners.

You also need to provide a valid email address.

Create a secure password for LendingTree. Your email address will be your username.

LendingTree offers a free, upgraded service that provides:

  • Loan balance tracking
  • Insights into what’s affecting your credit
  • Free credit monitoring
  • Free monthly credit score reporting
  • Personalized financial recommendations
  • Free dark web monitoring.

There is no additional sign-up required for these features.

Finally, to see your loan offers, you need to provide the last four digits of your social security number. LendingTree won’t share your social security number. They only use it to verify your identity. However, LendingTree will perform a soft pull of your credit. This won’t affect your credit score.

LendingTree Customer Support

LendingTree offers a variety of ways to contact customer support, including:

In general, people seem satisfied with the customer support from LendingTree. Here is what a few customers said about their experience.

  • “Great customer service and they provided me with all the information needed to close on the loan.”
  • “The loan process with LendingTree is second to none. Fast, easy, friendly service. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend using them.”

However, there were a few customers who had a mixed experience with customer service.

  • “The experience was a good one until I sent a $15k wire transfer and then I was not able to contact my loan adviser again. I have emailed, text[ed] and called multiple times and cannot get Konrad to call me back.”
  • “Dealing with customer service was pleasant, they said I would receive the loan in 24 to 48 hours, it's been 72 hours and I still have not received it yet. But the young lady Westina was very nice.”

LendingTree Online Reviews

Overall, reviews of LendingTree are mostly positive. People frequently comment on the quick and easy loan approval process. Many were happy with the experience and had no complaints. Several were impressed with the rates.

The negative reviews are mostly related to the amount of spam phone calls and emails that you will receive after sharing your information with LendingTree. Some other people were upset about a hard pull on their credit, only to be denied a loan after.

The positive reviews are related toThe negative reviews are related to
Quick and easy loan approval processThe amount of spam phone calls and emails from lenders
Good customer service and responsivenessHard pull only to get denied for a loan
Good rates 

LendingTree Perks and Bonuses

LendingTree is not an actual lender. It is an online marketplace that shows borrowers options from lenders. Therefore, any perks and bonuses would be coming from the actual lender, not from LendingTree directly.

LendingTree Compared to Other Lenders

There are a few other lender websites that you can compare to LendingTree.

Loan terms3 to 180 months1 to 7 years1 to 7 years2 to 12 years
Loan amount$1,000 to $50,000$600 to $100,000$100 to $50,000$5,000 to $100,000
Interest rates3.99% to 35.99% APR3.99% to 35.99%2.49% to 35.99%4.99% to 19.99%
Minimum credit score585620None660
Co-signer RequirementAllowed with some lendersAllowed with some lendersAllowed with some lendersAllowed with some lenders

Final Thoughts

LendingTree helps borrowers shop for, compare, and obtain loans.It also offers educational resources and a user-friendly app.

LendingTree offers a large selection of personal loan lenders with competitive rates. Even applicants with fair credit can find loans through LendingTree. However, those with poor credit are usually not eligible for personal loans, and you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

LendingTree does share users’ information with lenders, which could mean unwanted spam through emails, phone calls, or texts. However, if you are looking for a personal loan, LendingTree can be a great place to start.


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