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Financing for Amazon Sellers: Best Small Business Loan Options for 2023

Amazon sellers may have difficulty securing financing from traditional banks, which are accustomed to working with brick-and-mortar businesses that have collateral. But many online lenders offer unsecured Amazon business financing, so Amazon sellers have options when they need funding.

Best Business Acquisition Loans
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Third-party sellers now account for over half of Amazon sales. Many of these businesses will need funding to expand their product offerings, and not all sellers will be eligible or best-served by the Amazon Lending program. There are options for business owners seeking an alternative, however. Online lenders can offer smaller amounts, faster funding, and unsecured options that better meet the needs of Amazon sellers than traditional banks. 

Best Business Acquisition Loans to Consider in 2022

In this review, our experts highlight the terms, rates and fees of each lender, and explain what makes them a good choice. We also share potential downsides of each company, and provide a rating methodology you can use to select the best financing option for your needs.


Financing for Amazon Sellers: Best Business Loan Options for 2023

Backd: Best for Large Loans


Backd offers a business line of credit up to $750,000, which is higher than what most online small business lenders can provide, along with working capital loans up to $2 million. What’s more, no collateral is required and funding is fast, making Backd an ideal choice for Amazon sellers. 

Up to $2 million in working capital
Flexible repayment terms up to 16 months
Check your rate without hurting your credit
No collateral required
Excellent customer service reviews on Trustpilot
Fast funding in as little as 24 hours
Automatic daily, weekly, or semi-monthly payments
Undisclosed rates
Funding requires a phone call
Requires $100,000 in annual revenue

Backd offers financing options for Amazon sellers starting at $10,000. You can get a business line of credit up to $750,000 or a working capital loan up to $2 million, giving you access to higher limits than are typically offered in the small business lending space. Flexible terms between four and 16 months are available for working capital loans, while you can repay draws from a business line of credit in six or 12 months. 

Backd doesn’t disclose APR ranges, but you can check your rate with a soft credit pull. To qualify for financing from Backd, you’ll need at least $100,000 in annual revenue and one year in business. Backd doesn’t disclose a minimum credit score, however. The company may work with a third-party lender to fund your FBA loan if you don’t meet the requirements for direct lending. 

The Bottom Line

Backd offers high borrowing limits, quick funding, and flexible repayment terms, but the lender doesn’t disclose fees and the application process isn’t entirely online, which may deter some borrowers.

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Lendzi: Best for Fair Credit


As both a direct lender and lending partner, Lendzi brings a ton of options to Amazon sellers, with seven loan products and a wide range of repayment terms. Lendzi is also relatively lenient with credit score requirements and open to new businesses with six months of history. 

No minimum credit score requirement
Offers multiple loan products with flexible terms
Open to businesses with six months of history
Excellent customer service reviews on Trustpilot
Relatively low starting rates on some products
Funding in as little as 24 hours
Offers online chat and phone support
Funding phone call required
$180,000 in gross annual revenue required
High APR on short-term loans

Terms and rates vary by product, but Lendzi offers factor rates starting at 1.10 for merchant cash advances, business lines of credit starting at 6.2%, and equipment financing as low as 3.49%. Rates are somewhat higher for working capital and term loans. You can get SBA loans through Lendzi as well. 

Long-term loans are available up to 84 months, and you can borrow up to $500,000 with no collateral (Up to $5 million for SBA loans) or up to $2 million in equipment financing. There are no minimum credit score requirements, but ideal candidates have a 650 credit score or higher. You need at least 6 months in business and $180,000 in gross annual revenue to qualify. 

The Bottom Line

Lendzi offers a variety of loan options geared towards Amazon sellers, such as merchant cash advances with low factor rates, and is friendly to fair credit borrowers. The lender is regarded for its customer service as well, but business owners who want a fully-online application or other digital tools may be better served elsewhere.

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American Express Business Blueprint™: Best Business Line of Credit

American Express Business Blueprint™

American Express Blueprint™ offers a business line of credit between $2,000 and $250,000 and a convenient application process well-suited to Amazon sellers. The lender has fair monthly revenue requirements as well. 

No prepayment penalties
No origination fees
Open to businesses with a minimum average monthly revenue of $3,000
Convenient application
High rates for 12 and 18-month terms
Must be in business for at least 12 months
Personal guarantee required

You can get a business line of credit between $2,000 and $250,000 from American Express, and you can choose between a six, 12, or 18 month repayment term, though not all terms will be available to all borrowers. Fees on six-month terms range from 3% to 9%, while fees on 12-month terms range from 6% to 18% and fees on 18-month terms range from 9% to 27%. You must have at least one year in business, average monthly revenue of at least $3,000, and a 640 credit score to qualify. However, all businesses are unique and subject to review and approval. 

The Bottom Line

Most lenders have higher monthly revenue requirements than American Express, so smaller Amazon sellers will be well-served by the lender. However, businesses that need to repay an Amazon business line of credit over a longer term will get dinged with high fees at American Express.

Bluevine: Best for Speed and Convenience


With Bluevine, you can get a funding decision in five minutes and access a business line of credit up to $250,000 with rates starting at 6.2%. Bluevine makes it super convenient to draw funds with one click, making the lender ideal for busy Amazon sellers, and there are few fees to worry about. 

Same-day funding available for a $15 wire fee
Quick and easy application process
Convenient online dashboard
Rates starting at 6.2%
No prepayment penalties
No origination or maintenance fees
Credit limit grows with your business
Requires 24 months of business history
Requires at least $40,000 in monthly revenue
Not available in all states

Bluevine offers a business line of credit up to $250,000 with rates as low as 6.2% and your choice of a six or 12-month repayment term. To be eligible, you’ll need at least $40,000 in monthly revenue, a 625 credit score, and 24 months of business history. There are few fees to worry about and funding can happen as soon as the same day. Plus, Bluevine offers a convenient online platform to make drawing from your credit line easy. 

The Bottom Line

For Amazon sellers that need quick funding now and ongoing access to credit, Bluevine offers the ideal solution, but you’ll need to be relatively established to qualify.

Biz2Credit: Best for Comparing Your Options


Biz2Credit is an online funding platform that connects borrowers with lenders that offer working capital, term loans, ERTC loans, and commercial real estate loans. The company’s working capital loans come with borrowing limits up to $2 million and are available to newer businesses with fair credit, making Biz2Credit a great fit for Amazon sellers.

Borrow up to $2 million
Open to fair credit borrowers
Open to businesses with six months of history
Excellent reviews on Trustpilot
Approval decision within 24 hours
Offers extensive online resources
Charges an underwriting fee or closing fee
Requires $250,000 in annual revenue
Not a direct lender
Some details won’t be available until you apply
Minimum $25,000 loan amount

Biz2Credit partners with lenders to offer working capital, term loans, ERTC loans, and commercial real estate loans. Working capital loans come in amounts ranging from $25,000 to $2 million and are repaid from business receipts, but Biz2Credit doesn’t disclose starting rates or terms upfront. 

The broker also offers term loans from $25,000 to $500,000 with rates starting at 7.99% and terms ranging from 12 to 36 months. You’ll need at least $250,000 in annual revenue to be eligible, and you’ll be subject to an underwriting or closing fee. Working capital loans are available to business owners with a 575 credit score or higher and at least 6 months in business, but term loans require a 660 credit score and 18 months in business. 

The Bottom Line

 Biz2Credit can offer support with comparing your options, and may be especially advantageous for Amazon sellers seeking working capital with flexibility in repayment. But you’ll need to prequalify before you can evaluate all the details, and the broker charges an underwriting or closing fee in exchange for finding a funding solution for you.

Try Biz2Credit

National Funding: Best for Customer Service

National Funding

National Funding offers flexible small business funding with fast funding times and equipment financing with no down payment requirement. You’ll get support from a funding specialist, and customer service reviews about National Funding are glowing.

Excellent customer service reviews on Trustpilot
Funding in as little as 24 hours
Check your rate without hurting your credit
No prepayment penalties
Early payment discounts on equipment financing
No minimum credit score requirements
Factor rates can be expensive
Must speak with a funding specialist
Requires $250,000 in annual sales
Charges an origination fee

National Funding offers working capital and short-term business loans between $5,000 and $500,000 and equipment financing up to $150,000 with no down payment requirements. The lender doesn’t disclose rates, but reportedly uses factor rates that can be high. Terms range from four to 24 months for small business loans and two to five years for equipment financing. To be eligible, you’ll need $250,000 in annual sales and at least 6 months in business, but there are no specific credit requirements. 

The Bottom Line

National Funding is great for Amazon sellers who want to speak to a funding specialist by phone and get great customer service during the application process. Just be sure to compare rates and fees with other lenders.

Uncapped: Best for Revenue-Based Financing


Uncapped offers term loans and revenue-based financing with high borrowing limits and low, fixed fees. The lender is open to newer businesses and doesn’t have minimum credit requirements. The products are specifically tailored to businesses with an online model, and the revenue-based financing option is particularly well-suited to businesses that experience large fluctuations in revenue. 

Fixed fees from 2% to 12%
Offers revenue-based financing with no fixed repayment date
Borrow up to $10 million
No minimum credit score requirements
Provides Visa debit cards for your team
Offers automatic bill payments and tracking
Offers unlimited free ACH payments
Quick and easy online application
Not available in some states
Not available to sole proprietors
Requires $10,000 in monthly revenue
No phone or live chat support

With Uncapped, you can borrow between $10,000 and $10 million with a 2-12% fixed fee and repay the loan either in fixed monthly installments between three and 24 months or as a 5-25% revenue share until the principal and fee is paid. For both term loans and revenue-based financing, you’ll need at least six months in business and $10,000 in monthly revenue, but there are no minimum credit score requirements. Uncapped also offers several free financial tools to borrowers. 

The Bottom Line

Uncapped is great for FBA sellers who want an entirely digital application process with access to financial tools, high borrowing amounts and low starting fees, and the option to repay the money as a share of their revenue. However, Uncapped is a new company with limited reviews and no phone support.

Main Features of the Best Financing Options for Amazon Sellers

CompanyMin. Credit ScoreMin. Time in BusinessMin.  RevenueLoan AmountInterest Rate
American Express64012 monthsaverage monthly revenue: at least $3,000$2,000 to $250,0002-9% for 6-month terms, 7.5-18% on 12-month terms, 15.75% to 27% on 18-month terms
BackdNone12 months$100,000 per yearUp to $2 millionUndisclosed
LendziNone6 months$180,000 per yearUp to $5 millionVaries by product
Bluevine62524 months$40,000 per monthUp to $250,0006.2% and up
Biz2Credit5756 months$250,000 per year$25,000 to $2 millionUndisclosed
National FundingNone6 months$250,000 per year$5,000 to $500,000Undisclosed
UncappedNone6 months$10,000 per month$10K to $10 million2% to 12% fixed fee

How to Choose the Best Business Loan for Amazon Sellers

When comparing small business financing options, pay attention to the following features, which our experts use to rank lenders:

  • Loan Features: Look for lenders with flexible terms and options for repayment, and narrow down your options to lenders that offer the amount you need. 
  • Application process: Consider whether you want a fully-digital application or support from a human, and make sure you can check your rate with a soft credit pull.
  • Interest rates and fees: Compare not only the interest rate charged by each lender, but also any origination fees. 
  • Qualification process: Check to see if you meet the lender’s requirements for minimum credit score, time in business, and annual revenue. 
  • Customer support: Consider how convenient it will be to get in touch with customer service when you need to. Does the company offer live chat and extended hours?
  • Online user reviews: Look at customer reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs. While some negative reviews are to be expected, patterns of significant complaints should raise a red flag. 
  • Perks and Bonuses: Look for features that make the company stand out, like payment flexibility and free digital tools. 

Types of Business Loans for Amazon Sellers

While Amazon sellers may face issues getting financing from a traditional bank, there are other options available, including:

  • Amazon Lending: The Amazon Lending program is an invite-only program for Amazon sellers that offers funding up to $2 million with a quick application. Amazon Lending offers term loans and interest-only loans, along with lines of credit and merchant cash advances through partner lenders. 
  • Term Loans: Many online lenders offer short-term and long-term business loans, which are received in a lump sum and repaid in fixed payments of principal and interest over a period of time. You can typically use these loans for any business need. 
  • Business Line of Credit: A business line of credit from an online lender allows you to draw against a revolving credit line as needed and only pay interest on what you borrow. It’s great for Amazon sellers who have ongoing financing needs. 
  • Merchant Cash Advance/Revenue-Based Financing: For Amazon sellers with fluctuating monthly revenue, it may be helpful to repay a lump sum loan as a percentage of your actual sales. Merchant cash advances or revenue-based financing make this possible. 

How to Get a Business Loan for Amazon Sellers

The application process for an FBA small business loan varies by lender, but these are the general steps for getting Amazon business financing:

  1. Decide how much funding you need and the loan type you want, and narrow down your options to lenders you are eligible for
  2. Check your rate with a handful of lenders, ensuring they use a soft credit pull
  3. Accept the financing offer that best meets your needs, and upload additional documentation as necessary
  4. Speak with a funding specialist, if necessary, before final approval
  5. Read the find print and sign your loan documents
  6. Wait for the money to be transferred to your bank account
  7. Begin repayment (Tip: Set up automatic payments so you don’t fall behind)

Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon

Amazon Business Benefits

  • Allows you to reach more than 3 million customers
  • Helps build brand awareness and trust
  • Amazon FBA can handle the logistics for you, so you don’t need to worry about storage or shipping
  • No need to host your own website
  • Low start-up costs
  • Offers online marketing options
  • May be eligible for funding directly from Amazon

Amazon Business Disadvantages

  • Competitive market for many product categories
  • Charges high referral fees that can eat into profit margins
  • Leaves you susceptible to fraudsters stealing your listings
  • Less control over your brand image 

How to Start an Amazon FBA Business

  1. Pick a niche product category and conduct market research to determine a product you can profit from
  2. Find a supplier or manufacturer for your product
  3. Register as an Amazon seller and pick your selling plan. You’ll need a bank account, credit card, tax information, and your ID to get started. 
  4. List your first product, optimizing the description for searches
  5. Ship your inventory to Amazon
  6. Market your product with pay-per-click advertisements on Amazon and social media
  7. Receive payment from Amazon every two weeks (minus fees)


When you’re ready to expand your Amazon business, whether that’s through hiring employees, purchasing more inventory, or diversifying your product offerings, you have options for Amazon business financing. Even if your bank turns you away, several online lenders offer FBA loans and Amazon business lines of credit for small business owners. Even if you’re a newer business with less-than-perfect credit, it’s possible to find an online lender willing to work with you, and this guide is a great place to start. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to Start an Amazon FBA Business with Little Money

You can start an Amazon FBA business reselling items from your home or from thrift stores, creating your own products, or drop-shipping items from a supplier. These options make it possible to start an Amazon FBA business with little or no money. In fact, 12% of sellers start their Amazon businesses with $500 or less, according to Jungle Scout. 

Does Amazon Give Loans to Sellers?

Amazon offers financing to sellers through the Amazon Lending program, which is an invite-only program. You can sign into your seller account to see if you’re eligible for small business financing from Amazon. If you qualify, you can choose between a few different funding options. 

How Do You Qualify for Amazon Lending?

Amazon Lending is an invite-only program offered to sellers with a strong track record of customer satisfaction and growing sales. Amazon doesn’t provide specific eligibility criteria, but you can login to your account to see if you qualify. 

What Is the Interest Rate of Amazon Lending?

The interest rate for Amazon business loans varies based on the loan product and the seller’s creditworthiness. 

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