How do you brainstorm restaurant name ideas?

Consider your restaurant’s cuisine, atmosphere, and mission, then decide on what kind of image you’d like to portray. Always write down your ideas as your brainstorm, and look into whether or not a certain name is already taken.

What should I name my restaurant?

The best name for restaurant ‘A’ might be totally different from restaurant ‘B’. You should name your restaurant something that speaks equally to you, your customers, and your community. You need to focus on all three to be successful.

Can you change your restaurant name?

Yes, but it’s better to do so before you start registering your business and creating other brand assets. If you change your name once your business is up and running, you may want to consider a full re-brand.

How do successful restaurants come up with a name?

Successful restaurants come up with a good name by thinking strategically and creatively, and by considering how their name will represent their overall brand and concept. At the end of the day, sometimes successful restaurants get lucky when inspiration strikes, too. 

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