What percentage of people have a 700 or higher credit score?

According to Experian, 60% of consumers have FICO scores higher than 700. Having a score of 736 puts you above the average of 716.

How hard is it to get a 736 credit score?

It’s not easy to earn a credit score of 736, but it is certainly achievable. With a combination of good financial habits, discipline, and patience, you can watch your credit score climb to 736 and beyond.

Can I buy a house with a 736 credit score?

Getting approved for a mortgage with a 736 credit score should not pose a problem for you. Most lenders will recognize your score as indicating a history of using credit responsibly and approve your application if everything else (income, employment, mortgage amount, etc.) is in order.

Where can I find out my credit score?

You can find out your credit score by asking one of your credit card issuers, going online and visiting a “credit scoring” website, or consulting a nonprofit credit counseling agency.

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