Is it Hard to Get a Job as a Veteran?

No, it’s not necessarily difficult to get a job as a veteran. There are many employers who value the unique skills and experience that veterans bring to the table. Additionally, there are a number of local, state, and federal services available to help veterans find meaningful and rewarding employment. All this said, many veterans face barriers such as mental or physical health conditions that can affect their job-search.

Are Veterans More Likely to Get Hired?

Yes, veterans are more likely to get hired than non-veterans. This is because employers recognize that veterans have acquired valuable skills and experiences during their service and can transfer those skills to civilian roles. Veterans also have a reputation for being responsible, reliable, and disciplined employees. Employers know that veterans will be committed and hard-working, which is why they are often preferred to non-veterans.

How Many Veterans Leave Their First Job?

The number of veterans who leave their first job varies widely depending on a variety of factors. Military veterans often face additional challenges when transitioning to civilian life, such as difficulty finding stable employment or adjusting to different corporate cultures. 

Who is the Largest Employer of Veterans in the United States?

The largest employer of veterans in the United States is the United States federal government. The government provides employment opportunities for veterans across all branches of the military. In fact, in 2018, veterans made up about 31% of the federal workforce.

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