Does the VA offer small business loans?

The VA itself does not offer small business loans, but they recommend the SBA Patriot Express loan for veterans.

Can veterans get a startup business loan through the SBA?

Yes, veterans can get a startup business loan through the Small Business Administration. The SBA’s Veterans Advantage program helps veterans access resources such as business loans and consulting services to help launch their businesses. The program also offers other benefits such as reduced fees or longer repayment terms on loans. 

Are there specific SBA loans for disabled veterans?

Disabled vets qualify for the loans that all other veterans qualify for. Loans like the Patriot Express Loan Initiative and the Military Reservist Loan are targeted specifically at providing access to capital for veterans and service-disabled veterans who wish to start or expand a small business.

Can veterans with bad credit qualify for SBA loans?

Generally, you’ll need a good credit score to qualify for an SBA loan. Since these loans come with better rates and fewer collateral requirements, lenders want to see a good score to help them feel confident in lending to you. That said, each lender will determine their own credit score requirements, so it pays to shop around and see if any accept poor credit borrowers. 

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