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I would like to approach an Angel group for funding. What is the process?
Each angel group will have its own process for businesses looking for funding. In general, you’ll need to work with the group to schedule a time to present your business plan and negotiate with interested investors.
What kind of documents do I need for an Angel investor?

Angel investors will want to see many business documents. You’ll want to bring any financial information related to your investments in the company, the company’s expenses and income, and any debts it has or other investments it received.

You should also have a written business plan with projections for growth over the next few years and a plan for how your company will start producing a positive return.

How do I protect my privacy when working with Angel investors?
When working with angel investors, you’ll be meeting with potential funders and negotiating the terms of their investments. Maintaining privacy will be difficult and may hurt your chances because angels often look for invested and involved owners.
Are there any fees for participation in a screening process of an Angel investor group?
The vast majority of angel investor groups do not require fees to apply, however, some do. Check the terms of your local investor groups before you apply.

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