Getting funding for a startup isn’t easy. It also can involve multiple rounds as your company grows and its financial needs change. Throughout the process, make sure you can communicate your company’s successes and goals to investors and have a plan for how to best use the money you raise.


What are the steps for startup fundraising?

Startups usually go through six stages of fundraising:

Pre-Seed Stage

Seed Stage

Series A Funding

Series B Funding

Series C Funding 

Initial Public Offering

What is stage 1 of funding?

The first stage of funding is the pre-seed stage where your company raises small amounts of money from private investors or loans.

What is the funding cycle?

The funding cycle refers to each round of funding, such as seed funding or Series A.

How many rounds of funding does a startup need?

Most startups go through six rounds of funding from the pre-seed stage through IPO, though some will go through more or fewer rounds than that.

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