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How to Choose the Best Restaurant Accounting Software

There are different aspects to consider when selecting the accounting software that will work best for your business. 

  • Consider the totality of systems needed, point of sale, inventory management, accounts payable, accounting software, and many others; determine from there which systems you’re considering - whether an all in one or if it is possible to integrate systems and software together.
  • Consider whether you plan on growing your business, and if the software you are looking at today may be able to support the needs of tomorrow.
  • Consider how agile your software is, do you regularly receive software updates, is this cloud based and accessible from any device? 
  • Consider the cost; while it may be tempting to have everything under the sun running at your business, what are the true needs of the business and are the costs sustainable?

Final Word

Accounting software is the heartbeat of the finances of your business. When running a restaurant there are many components to consider and given the complexity of people and inventory, accounting software will allow business owners to stay on top of the financial piece and make quick decisions to help grow and support the business.

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What software do restaurants typically use?

Restaurants have many softwares they can purchase, from point of sale solutions, to inventory management and accounting software. Not all restaurants are built the same so it's important to understand your needs as a business owner. 

How do restaurants manage their accounts?

Typically a restaurant will utilize accounting software to manage the transactions of their business, categorize them, and report on the financial health of the business. 

Can restaurants use Excel instead of accounting software?

While Excel is a tool that can be used for accounting there are limitations. There is no automated feed of the businesses transactions into Excel, making it less useful for real time reporting. It also is a manual process which may open owners up to human errors. Speak with an accountant if you have questions about using Excel. 

How do you set up a restaurant accounting system?

Dispensing on the system you select there will be instructions on how to get started. Most accounting systems require owners to tackle two main steps. One being signing into their banking provider so the software can automatically import transactions from the business. The second is setting up a chart of accounts, which will allow owners to book their transactions accordingly into these accounts for reporting. 

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Kal Salem

MA Accounting - Arizona State University

A CPA and finance professional working with small businesses to educate owners and grow alongside their businesses. He holds a Masters in Accounting and a BS in Supply Chain Management. Owner at Salem CPA Services LLC.

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