What are black grants?

Grants tend to have specific eligibility requirements and some are geared toward certain types of business owners such as minorities or Black entrepreneurs. These grants may not explicitly say ‘Black grants’ but Black business owners are encouraged to apply. 

Can I apply for more than one small business grant for Black women?

Yes, depending on the requirements and so long as each of the grants are independent of each other. If the grants are offered by the same company or organization, you may not be allowed to apply for both at the same time but be sure to review the requirements for a definite answer. 

What are the largest Black-owned businesses in the US?

The largest Black-owned businesses in the U.S. can change over time as revenues and industries change. However, some of the most profitable businesses to date include:

  • Salamander Hotels and Resorts - A 168-room luxury hotel, resort, and spa located Virginia with revenues of $220 million
  • Devon Industrial Group - A construction company located in Detroit, Michigan
How many Black female entrepreneurs are there in the US?

Women in the U.S own more than 12 million businesses and Black women run more than one-third of those businesses. Black female entrepreneurship grew by 50% from 2014 to 2019. 

Are there grants for Black sole proprietors?

Yes, some grants do exist for Black sole proprietors or freelancers. 

Are there Venture Capital firms that invest in Black-owned startups?

Yes, New Age Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in tech and tech-enabled startups founded by Black and Latino entrepreneurs.

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