Are small business grants for women hard to get approved for?

Competition for grants for women entrepreneurs can be fierce, so they can be difficult to get approved. That said, you'll have a better chance at getting funding if you apply for several grants each year and you never give up on the process.

How much funding can I receive through small business grants for women?

Small business grants for women can be worth a few thousand dollars all the way up to several hundred thousand dollars. The dollar amount offered with each grant varies by opportunity.

Can small business grants for women be used in conjunction with other forms of funding?

Small business grants for women can be used alongside other funding sources, including small business loans for women, lines of credit, business credit cards, and more.

How are the grants awarded, and who makes the decision?

Grant recipients are typically decided by a board of directors who read over applications and decide which business owners are eligible and worthy of the funding.

What are the success rates and statistics for the women who applied for small business grants?

While we cannot find specific data on how many women receive grant funding for their small business, we do know that most grants are only awarded to a few applicants each year. 

Are small business grants for women also for established businesses, or only for startups?

Some small business grants for women are geared to start-up companies only, whereas others are for businesses that have been in operation for several years.

Are there any small business grants for women in rural areas?

Women with businesses in rural areas are eligible to apply for all small business grants for women provided they meet listed requirements. Women who live in rural areas should also seek out grant opportunities for women offered by their state or local government.

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