How much money can I obtain to buy a business?
The amount you will be able to borrow will depend upon several factors. Most important will be the lender’s assessment of how much credit you and your business can handle and repay. The cost of the business you are looking to buy or the amount of equipment you are looking to purchase will, of course, factor into this equation.
Can I receive an acquisition loan with no money down?
There are no-money-down options available, especially among online lenders. Most SBA loans require a down payment, as do many conventional lenders such as commercial banks.
Can I acquire an acquisition loan with bad credit?
You can get a business acquisition loan with bad credit. However, your financing options will be more limited than those of a borrower with a good credit score. Also, your interest rate will be higher than what a borrower with a good credit score would expect to pay due to the added risk a borrower with poor credit carries for the lender.
What credit score is needed for a business acquisition loan?

There is no set credit score required to get a business acquisition loan. However, borrowers with a good personal credit score of 700 or more will have an easier time than those borrowers with a much lower score. Your business credit score will also be considered. 

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