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Is the food truck industry growing?

Yes! In fact, the food truck industry has had an annual growth rate of  6.4% over the last five years. Its market size is $1.2 billion. 

How much does it cost to run a food truck?

To operate a food truck, you can expect to spend between $75,000 and $250,000. Your location as well as other factors like the food you serve and staff you hire will all determine the exact cost. 

Where can I get food truck loans?

Food truck loans are available through banks, credit unions, and online lenders. Do your research and explore your options before you move forward with food truck financing. 

What are the food truck electrical requirements?

To run small equipment, such as fridges and builders, you’ll need a generator with a minimum of 3000 watts or 25 amps. If your truck operates on electrical appliances, opt for a larger generator with anywhere between 5000 and 7000 watts.

How much can you make running a food truck?

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